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Rise of the Halflings on display

Rise of the Halflings on display

We’re pleased to announce that the Rise of the Halflings has found a new home on display at the famous Southward Car Museum. After months of work from the entire Printable Scenery team, its a privilege to have them on display to the public. It features buildings from the Halflings and all the miniatures from the Kickstarter. It is easy to find in the main hall of the museum.

The mighty Drakenarc lands safely on the roof of the Gaffer’s Workshop in preparation for some routine maintenance.

The Great Warlock strolls through the town square. Not one to be left alone, flanked by his apprentices and faithful Staff Bearer.

When under attack, Halflings take to the trees for defense. Led by the Great Druid and Rangers.

The Warlock’s Archanical devices are used prolifically around town, from transportation to sentry duty.

A dragon handler hails a handy-cab whilst a Warlock chats the ear off another.

The hustle and bustle of Wollockshire, with townspeople going about their daily business.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of images from the Rise Of The Halflings on display. If you happen to live near, or visit Wellington, then make sure to take a trip up to Southward Car Museum to see it for yourself in person!

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