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Bocages: one of the best 3D printable terrain pieces.

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Bocages are among the best 3D printable scatter terrain you can add to your collection. These large, long mounds of earth, trees, and bushes can be used across tons of different systems, from historical to sci-fi and everything in between. Check out just some of the examples where these bush-clad barriers shine!

World War 2

Operation Overlord made bocages famous during the Allied invasion of 1944. The cover provided gave infantry squads several advantages over tracked vehicles. In game they give Flames of War and Bolt Action generals plenty of extra options, whether they are attacking or defending.


No one likes being shot off the field as they advance. Thus, having large line-of-sight blocking terrain is crucial for a balanced battlefield. Bocages fill this role perfectly, providing battlefields from the Age of Sigmar to A Song of Ice and Fire with dense cover for troops to shelter behind. Due to restricting movement, they also provide specialist troops like flyers opportunities to shine.


Agricultural planets are the unsung heroes of the sci-fi universes. The sprawling cities of Warhammer 40K and Star Wars need vast planet-sized farms to feed them, and bocages are a great addition to battlefields on these planets. They provide plenty of cover for advancing troops, evening the playingfield between range-heavy and close combat forces.


The size and density of a bocage often turned them into obstacles for ranked units of men. Cunning generals used to anchor their flanks with these impenetrable barriers, or created small redoubts from which skirmishers could harras the enemies formations. You can re-create these tactics on your Black Powder or DBBM tables with just a few of these printed hedgerows.


The untended look of the bocage bushes work perfectly alongside terrain in the post-apocalypse! representing overgrown hedges or lining reclaimed streets, they provide cover for the inevitable fire-fights between bands of survivors. Paint the leaves autumnal colors and they will look amazing on your Fallout: Wasteland Warfare tables.

Dungeons & Dragons & RPGS

Who doesn’t like being caught in a brigand ambush on the road? Bocages are great for tons of wilderness encounters, concealing threats and providing cover against enemy attacks. Likewise, the thick barriers will impede certain enemies, allowing canny players to exploit the terrain to their advantage.

No terrain collection is complete without a set of bocages or hedges, as they can be used in so many different games. The bocages are available on the Country & King Kickstarter, allowing you to easily 3D print all the terrain you will ever need for your collection.

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