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3d printed Phelonius Cretch

Phelonius Cretch, the Hedge Wizard

Phelonius Cretch is a hedge wizard, though he hates the term personally. he is a self-taught practitioner of minor magics and enchantments who travels the world in his theatrical cart, wowing audiences in backwater towns and wayfaring inns. He has mastered two unique spells with which to awe his crowds. One can summon strange familiars from a demi-plane known as The Gloaming, while the other is an enchantment embedded in his hat that turns himself into a flying, talking, humanoid owl. Phelonius is well-practiced in their use, though being self-taught (and possibly not completed) spells they can sometimes have unreliable effects.

here you can find the stats for using this unusual hedge wizard in your own home games of D&D! He is a lovable scamp of a traveling performer, Wooing the crowds with his charismatic performances, illusions, summoned creatures and his famous self-transformation. Due to the unpredictability of his spells, however, he has been known to get himself (and sometimes entire towns) into trouble when his spells backfire or, more commonly, over perform…

Phelonius Cretch page 1

Phelonius Cretch, page 2

These are draft profiles for Phelonius, and may be changed slightly in the future. Keep an eye on this rambunctious wizard, as you never know where he will pop up next…

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