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Trym Deephollow & the Grateful Galipot

Resident apothecary, Trym Deephollow, sells her curative wares from the rounded wagon named ‘The Grateful Galipot’. Be it Lotion or Potion and every tincture in between, Trym will sort out any customer with the right remedy. Here at her stall, you can have her mix a fresh concoction for you, buy right off the shelf or even brew your own in her customer’s cauldron from her wide range of ingredients or some that you’ve brought yourself, for which she’s always happy to trade at fair prices.

The Grateful Galipot and its owner, Trym Deephollow, is a wandering merchants store that can be included almost anywhere in the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse, as who doesn’t love encountering a potion merchant in the middle of nowhere? Though she might not have the exact potion needed by the party at the time (unless its a healing potion, everyone needs one of those) she can certainly brew it for them, or even assist them in brewing it themselves!

In Wollockshire itself, Trym can be found alongside Dell Greenbottle and Merigold Tealeaf manning their various stalls in the town center. Trym is a lover of natural ingredients, and dislikes the Warlocks for their “artificial” potions. If she can be convinced to make a stand, she makes a great field medic, able to heal people on the fly with the right applications of salves and lotions.

Here are the links to download Trym Deephollow and The Grateful Galipot Merchants Stall.

Trym Deephollow & the Grateful Galipot page 1

Trym Deephollow & the Grateful Galipot page 2

These are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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