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Dell Greenbottle & the Pine Piglet

Dell Greenbottle owns and operates the portable Whiskey bar fondly known by its regular patrons as the ‘Pine Piglet’ on account of the wood carved boars head it boasts for a sign. The hard-working Sky crews and many toiling gardeners of the city are fond of a ‘Pint’o’Piglet’ as the one syrupy liquor she serves is named. The stuff will really put hairs on your toes. A jovial lady, Dell manages both the bar and motherhood in one as her baby, ‘Lil Loaf’ sits on the bench and happily entertains the customers. 

The Pine Piglet and its care-free custodian Dell Greenbottle offers a great little vignette that can be placed in a small town or large city in the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse. Her wandering bar and distillery serves only the one drink, the famous Pint’o’Piglet, which can sooth the body and mind of any weary traveler. Her son Lil’ Loaf adds a ton of character to the group, almost guaranteeing that a party will fall in love with this NPC very quickly.

Dell, Lil’ Loaf and the Pine Piglet can be found alongside the other Wollockshire Merchants, Merigold Tealeaf and Trym Deephollow, in Wollockshires town center. Jovial though she is the Warlocks, especially the first apprentice Gribstone Collic, are regular patrons of the Pine Piglet. Convincing her to go against the warlocks will be difficult, however once she is on board she brings plenty of bar-brawling experience with her, and Lil’ Loaf will want to help out too!

Here are the links to download Dell Greenbottle and Pine Piglet (Whiskey Merchants Distillery).

Dell Greenbottle & the Pine Piglet page 1

Dell Greenbottle & the Pine Piglet page 2

These are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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