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The Gardeners Guildmembers & Master Builder

Gardening holds an almost religious reverence for the Halflings, and the Gardener’s Guild works diligently to maintain those old traditions. Over the past hundred years since the desolation of the Wyrm, the Gardeners Guild have been slowly bringing life back to Wollockshire, re-seeding the flower beds, trimming the topiary hedges, and helping the trees around the town to flourish once more. The townsfolk of Wollockshire hold the guild members in high esteem, listening to their wise counsel and stories of times long since passed.

Currently, the Guild is made up of the Master Gardeners Grommet Stickle-Marsh, Jorkey Woodsbridge, Fern Greenly, Flora Diggins, Fennel Cribbits, and Grover Stumpley. Each has spent many years honing their trade, and all specialize in different aspects of gardening, reflected in their choice of implement should a fight ensue.

Mace Beadly is the current Master Builder of Wollockshire. The honor of forging the agricultural implements cherished by the botanically driven culture of the halflings falls to him, yet the nature of smithing leans more towards engineering than gardening of late due to the ever-increasing requirements of the warlock’s machines.

Below you will find the rules for implementing the Gardeners Guild members into your D&D 5e games, where their specialty lies with the plants that they have spent so long cultivating.

Here are the links to the Gardeners Guild members

Grommet Stickle-Marsh

Jorkey Woodsbridge

Fern Greenly

Flora Diggins

Fennel Cribbits

Grover Stumpley

Mace Beadly

Gardeners Guildmembers: Grommet, Jorkey, Flora, Fennel, Grover and Fern

Master Builder: Mace Beadly

these are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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