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The Arcane Immortals 2021

Presented in alphabetical order, here is the full list of entries for the first Arcane Brush Painting Competition!

We were super impressed with the effort each and every entry put in. It became clear early on that it wasn’t just going to be about the painting but also the modeling and printing that goes into the creation of a model. It’s truly humbling and inspiring seeing all the talent and care put into the various entries and hope it inspires others to pick up a brush!

Check out the full write-up of the winning entries direct from the judges here.

The Arcane Brush will run again in 2022 so keep your eyes out!

If you’d like any feedback on your entry please get in touch, we’d love to chat about all the different entries.

Tree Rex by Ben Layton

Hagglethorn Hollow by Charles Elgin & James Jines

Hagglethorn Tower by Christian Camacho

Ruined Wizard’s Tower by Daniel De Aguiar

Goblin Tower by Dave Blenkley

Did we mention it was floating?! A very cool customization by Dave

Canyon Rocks and Adobe Huts by Gareth Bottomley

Hallowed Graveyard and Mausoleums by Henrik Johnsson

Excellent use of textures on this entry make it a joy to look at, and to play on!

Winterdale Docks by Ian Rowe

Ruined Sorceror’s Tower by Jaroslav Mánek

The Manor Inn – by Jeremy Gard

The Manor Inn by John Fallara

Hagglethorn Tower, Cottage and Tree Creatures by John Ledbetter

John chose the perfect environment to display his Hagglethorn Hollow pieces. The stonework on the Tower is especially nice

Hagglethorn Hollow by Jonathan Dewson

Hagglethorn Ancient Ruins & Gloomwood Trees by Jordan Forsythe

Burgomeister’s Office by Kay Prins

Winterdale Blacksmith by Matt James

Magic Mushroom Cluster by Michael Stivers

Excellent color choices really make these mushrooms pop!

The Tavern by Mike McCreery

Tree Creatures by Mike Toth

Witch’s Hovel and Tree Creatures by Nikole Courtney

Perfectly Normal House & Mimic House by Robert Genovese

Robert’s picked some great sets from the Shadowfey for his entry, I know which one building I’d choose to stay in!

Winterdale – Scott Holcomb

Scott has amassed an impressive collection of buildings for his gaming table, my money is on the Elves to win!

Feywild Bower by Storm Hajnal

Ruined Bell Tower & Sept by Stuart Fields

Elven & Grotto Terrain by Timothy Reese

Wizard’s Tower by Tyson Koch

William Remig – The Town of Avers

If one of these entries is yours and you’d like more feedback get in touch with us at [email protected] otherwise leave a comment below and share it around!

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