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Painting Hagglethorn Hollow: Ruined Old Town

The crumbling ruins of the Old Town are great for gaming with easy access to miniature placement and interesting internal details. This guide aims to show you how you can get yours painted and on the gaming table with a minimum of fuss. This guide uses the Ruined Barracks as an example but it is easily applicable to the Ruined Homestead, Ruined Chieftain’s Hall, Ruined Longhouse and Ruined Fisherman’s Hut.

After cleaning up your prints give them an undercoat spray with Leather Brown (or any other mid-tone brown you might have).

The paints we’re using are as follows:

From the Army Painter: Leather Brown, Basilisk Brown, Soft Tone, Desert Yellow

From Citadel Colour: Steel Legion Drab, Zandri Dust, Morghast Bone


Wood: Leather Brown (easy if you used the undercoat spray!)

Bricks: Zandri Dust

Thatch: Basilisk Brown

Ropes: Steel Legion Drab


This step is easy! Wash the entire model with Soft Tone!

Once the wash has settled have a look around the model and absorb up any areas where the wash has settled too much with your brush, you’ll see it pool up in some areas. In the painting business, they call these coffee stains!


Wood & Ropes: Zandri Dust

Thatch: Desert Yellow

Bricks: Morghast Bone


With all the areas of the model basecoated, shaded, and highlighted it’s ready for the battlefield!


If you want to add some more detail to your building follow these extra steps using Skeleton Bone and Soft Tone (both from the Army Painter)

Wood: Wash Soft Tone

Thatch: Wash Soft tone then drybrush Skeleton Bone

Bricks: Wash Soft Tone, drybrush in Skeleton Bone. Pick out some individual bricks in Skeleton Bone before washing all the bricks with Soft Tone

If you’ve got any questions regarding this paint scheme or have any suggestions leave a comment and we’ll be in touch!

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