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Painting Hagglethorn: Garden Fences

The Garden Fences from Hagglethorn Hollow add a lot of character to your games and importantly for your troops, they add cover!

We’ve used this method on the Common Gardens as well as the fences but it would also be useful for any other wicker or stick surfaces you might come across.

Painting these is a cinch in four easy steps (plus a bonus step if you want to go the extra mile).

We began with a Leather Brown undercoat from the Army Painter range.

Step 1) Drybrush the whole fence with Vallejo Khaki Brown then Citadel Zandri Dust

Step 2) Wash the entire fence with Army Painter Soft Tone

Step 3) Drybrush the dirt with Citadel Mournfang Brown before drybrushing the entire model with Army Painter Skeleton Bone.

Step 4) With the painting done the only finishing touch is to glue some grass to the base! We used some grass tufts and static grass to vary the height and shape of the grass.

And that’s the fence finished! Very easy to do and looks cool! Some of you out there might want to do a little more…

BONUS STEP: To add some variation in the tones of wood, pick out individual pieces with Citadel Gore Grunta Fur and Citadel Cygor Brown. These are contrast paints that are similar to a wash, except they’ll stain the surface quite heavily. When you apply them you only need a small amount and use a small brush to be neater with the application.

Last of all, once dry, drybrush back again with Army Painter Skeleton Bone to tie the wood tones together.

There you have it! The Garden Fences of Hagglethorn Hollow are complete!

If you’d like to see a painting guide for a particular model or have any feedback let us know.

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