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Painting Hagglethorn Hollow: The Waymarkers

These characterful statues from the Hagglethorn Hollow Kickstarter provide excellent atmosphere to your gaming table and make great objectives for wargaming.

We painted ours in six easy steps that will get them on the table and looking awesome in no time!

Step 1) Undercoat in Army Painter Leather Brown

Step 2) Drybrush with Army Painter Dungeon Grey

Step 3) Drybrush a little lighter with Army Painter Ash Grey

Step 4) Wash the statues with Army Painter Soft Tone

Step 5) Do a final light drybrush of the stone with Army Painted Ash Grey and drybrush the dirt on the bases with Citadel Mournfang Brown

Step 6) Using PVA glue, add some static grass and foliage to suit your gaming table!

Super easy, quick, and effective! Leaves more time for gaming!

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