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Painting Shadowfey: The Titan Skull

The Titan Skull Cave is an impressive terrain piece of terrain; with a large, smooth surface like this, drybrushing isn’t always the best technique. In this example, we’ll be using stippling!

To stipple it is best to use a brush with a rough tip like a drybrush or an old wrecked paint brush (we all have them!). With paint on your brush you want to stab off some of the paint on a piece of paper towel until you are happy with the dappled effect. Then just simply dab away at your miniature for the desired effect.

So onto our Titan Skull!

We began with an undercoat spray of Army Painter Leather Brown

To add depth we used Agrax Earthshade in the recesses of the skull. Don’t go too heavy with it, just brush it around where it’s needed and avoid it pooling too much.

Now the stippling begins! Get out some Khaki Brown and stipple over the majority of the skull. You’ll notice it doesnt give a clean coverage of color which is want we want! Leave the Leather Brown and Agrax Earthshade in the recesses. On the more raised areas of the skull stipple a bit heavier. Either with more paint on your brush or by dabbing at it more (or both!). The goal is to build up colors gradually.

Straight away you can see the effect which looks great for bones this size. To build on this we’re going to stipple Morghast Bone, concentrating on the raised areas of the skull.

Moving on up in highlights next comes a stipple of Ushabti Bone. Focus now on the very raised areas: the eyebrows, cheekbones, bridge of the nose and top of the skull.

The final step of stippling is to get out some Mummy Robes and stipple just the very top-most parts of the skull to make them pop!

That’s the main bit of the skull done! Next up apply some Cygor Brown to the eye sockets and nostrils to deepen them and basecoat the teeth with Rhinox Hide.

You can see how adding that extra darkness changes the way the bone looks!

Now we’re going to concentrate on the teeth. Begin by paint the top 2/3 with Doombull Brown.

Then do the top 2/3 of the Doombull Brown with Scrag Brown, so that you can see the colour building up towards to top of the teeth.

Inside the Scrag Brown, paint thin lines of Deathclaw Brown that join at the tops of the teeth.

And finally pick out the tops of the teeth with Ushabti Bone!

The mighty Titan Skull is complete!

Stippling is a bit more time-consuming than Drybrushing but we think it’s worth it! If you need to tidy up any of your stippling we recommend going back with Khaki Brown to touch it up. Going back with a mid-tone is a quick and easy way to fix up mistakes.

If you have any questions about this guide or want to share your work then please get in touch!

Paints Used:

Army Painter Leather Brown Spray

Citadel Agrax Earthshade

Vallejo Khaki Brown

Citadel Ushabti Bone

Army Painter Mummy Robes

Citadel Crygor Brown

Citadel Rhinox Hide

Citadel Doombull Brown

Citadel Scrag Brown

Citadel Deathclaw Brown

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