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How to: Attach Ropes to Miniatures

Some models require ropes or string to be tied to on to complete. The process of tying miniature-sized knots can be quite difficult, frustrating and they can come apart later. To combat this we’ve come up with an easy guide for attaching ropes to your miniatures!

For this we’ll be using the Hangman’s Tree from the Shadowfey Wilds set but is easily applicable to many other models such as the Lost Ships.

Step 1: Get your string (we purchased ours from an art and craft store) and get it to a nice point but wetting it and twirling the end with your fingers. Ensure that it’s going to fit through the hole!

Step 2: Feed the string through the hole. Give yourself an inch or so out the other side and it back in on itself so you have a loop.

Step 3: Instead of attempting to tie a tiny knot twist the string around as so it is nice and tight and as compacted as you feel comfortable with. Just be careful not to twist it too much as you could damage the miniature!

Step 4: Change your grip so between your fingers you have the taught, twisted string and the figure. Apply super glue along the length of the string where you have twisted it together so that it soaks through and leave it for 10-15 minutes to set.

Step 5: With your miniature secured to the rope line it up on your other piece (in this case a tree branch) to the desired length of rope. Then wind the rope around the branch to secure it.

Step 6: Apply more super glue around the wound off string to secure it to the branch. If you’d like the model to stay secure, you can also apply super glue down the length of the string.

Step 9: The final stage is to trim off any excess string and frayed parts with a pair of scissors.

There you have it! The model is secure and is much easier and faster than tying tiny knots everywhere. To finish off the string we painted ours to match the ropes of the miniature but isnt necessary if you choose an appropriate colored string.

If you have any questions or comments leave them here or get in touch on social media!

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