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Painting Shadowfey: Baba Yaga’s Cottage

Follow this guide to paint up your very own Baba Yaga’s Cottage. We referenced a few photos of run down forest huts for inspiration and some more exotic and strange bird legs!

This guide has been done using Citadel Colour and The Army Painter range of paints and has begun with a Black Undercoat.

Step 1) Basecoat the wooden areas in Werewolf Fur (2 coats), the bird legs in Naggaroth Night, roof tiles in Hardened Carapace and chimney in Rough Iron

Step 2) Drybrush wood in Deathclaw Brown then some random planks in Zandri Dust. Drybrush the roof tiles in Dark Stone, the legs in Wolf Grey and the chimney with Gun Metal.

Step 3) Lightly drybrush the wood with Ushabti Bone. Drybrush the roof tiles with Filthy Cape and the legs with Fog Grey.

Step 4) Directionally drybrush the wood with Uniform Grey, applying it where the sun would hit, leaving the unbleached wood in the shadows. Drybrush the tiles and legs Stone Golem.

Step 5) Directionally drybrush the wood with Stone Golem, focusing on the highest points. Drybrush the legs with Brainmatter Beige and paint the claws Abaddon Black.

Step 6) Lightly wash the wood and chimney with Agrax Earthshade. Wash the tiles with Nuln Oil. Glaze the joints and knuckles of the legs with a 1:5 mix of Orc Blood and water. Paint the forward 3/4 of the Claws with Rhinox Hide.

Step 7) Apply Dark Angels Green (contrast paint) to the corners and selective spots of the wood where mildew and mould might build up. Paint broken tiles and lichen growth Venom Wyrm on the roof tiles. Wash the chimney with watered down Scrag Brown. Highlight the front 2/3 of the Claws with Mourning Brown. Glaze the centre of the knuckles and joints of the legs with watered down Crusted Sore.

Step 8) Drybrush the sunniest spots of wood with Stone Golem. Overbrush the lichen on the roof tiles with Elysian Green. Glaze the tops of the joints and knuckles with watered down Warlock Purple. Highlight the Claws with Scrag Brown. Stipple Dry Rust on the chimney.

Step 9) Highlight the tips of the claws with Deathclaw Brown. Drybrush the edges of the glazing on the legs with Fog Grey to blend back the colour transition to the legs. Stipple the centre of the dark angels green mould with Mouldy Cloth.

Baba Yaga’s Cottage is finished! All ready to creep out the local villagers.

We hope you enjoyed following along and please feel free to share yours or post up any questions or feedback you might have!

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