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Beaten Brass Painting Guide

This guide is for the armor plating on Kraweld the Siege Giant but can be used for many other metals too. It gives a great weathered and tarnished look and is fairly easy. The key lies in always keeping your paints nice and thin, and taking your time.

The guide uses Citadel Colour, and The Army Painter paint ranges

Step 1: Basecoat the armour in Rhinox Hide, then stipple on Rough Iron, followed by Weapon Bronze before giving it a wash with Nuln Oil.

On this smaller scale, think of your brush stabbing up and down like a tattoo gun, rather than smearing back and forth as you normally would.

Step 2) Stipple Bright Gold on the raised areas of the armor plates, then Shining Silver just on the edges. Give it a wash of Agrax Earthshade to knock out some of the shine and bring together your layers.

Step 3) The final step is to tarnish the metal with some spots of Hydra Turquoise before highlighting the center of them with Toxic Mist.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and remember to comment any feedback or further advice you’d like to hear from us!

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