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Painting Guide: Giant Skin

To paint up the giants as you see them in Shadowfey follow this method using Army Painter and Citadel Colour Paints. I started over a black undercoat however as long as you take your time with your coats and ensure you have a smooth, even basecoat it wont matter too much. 

All of the paint was thinned down with water on the palette, often requiring 2-3 thin coats to achieve a solid colour whilst retaining the detail of the model.  
1)Base coat 70/20/10 Tanned Flesh/Doombull Brown/Dragon Red. Make sure you get an even, smooth covering by painting several layers. 

2) Mix more Tanned Flesh 50/50 to the previous mix and layer leaving the previous coat in the deepest recesses

3) Mix in 50/50 Barbarian Flesh to the mix and layer up to the more raised areas. This is our main basecoat and should be used to define the contours of the muscles and flesh. 

4) Using straight Barbarian Flesh (thinned down a bit of course!) work towards the raised areas of the skin as an early highlight step.

5) Mix in 40/60 Kobold Skin/Barbarian Flesh and highlight again, working further up the raised edges.

6) With straight Kobold Skin highlight the very raised areas of the giant’s skin (e.g. tops of knuckles)

7) The final highlight is 50/50 Kobold Skin/Ushabti Bone, picking out the topmost edges.

8) To add some more depth shade with a 50/50 mix of Doombull Brown/Tanned Flesh, quite watered down in the recesses.

9) Shade again with straight Doombull Brown in the deepest recesses.

10) Water down a 60/40 mix of Tanned Flesh/Barbarian Flesh mixed in to a wash consistency. Glaze over your colour transitions to smooth them out. Avoid it pooling up like a wash but just be a super thin coat over the top, particularly where you can see the different lines of colours over the skin. This will help them blend together to give you a nice smooth colour transition. 

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed reading this guide and are encouraged to give it a go!  

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