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3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec

Bunkers and Thrones

Hey guys! It has been a busy week here in the Printable Scenery office, with a load of awesome pieces hitting the store ready for your print bed. Come check out what’s new and a cheeky sneak peek at what’s coming up next week!

3d Printed Gaslands Fallout Post-Apocalypse

Wasteworld has been improved by the addition of every doomsday prepper’s dream, a sturdy Isolation Bunker, to ride out the nuclear holocaust in (relative) comfort. It can make a perfect central objective in games of wasteland warfare (where better to find a ton of supplies). I cant wait to get my raiders out and get them in to this one!

3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec

The big winner this week, however, has got to be the jungle cities of New Eden. The Ancient Throne is a wonderfully characterful piece that will look amazing nestled in with the other temple ruins, providing a superb platform for snipers to command the battlefield. The Ancient Missile Silo hints at the previous civilisation’s technological achievements and a possible hint as to why there can’t find a living descendant anywhere on the Jungle world of New Eden! The piece de resistance is the Pyramid of New Eden. This megalithic structure makes a perfect centrepiece to any Star Wars or fantasy skirmish game, with plenty of space on each of its steeped terraces for units to mob up and fight for the high ground.

3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec

Also released this week is the Alien Jungle Clusters. A fine detail set of individual hillocks with delicate flax like plants and weird egg like puff balls, all designed to print WITHOUT SUPPORTS! Try them for yourself, and don’t forget the individual plants included in the set for spicing up a whole table of terrain.

3d Printed Alien Tropical Jungle

Speaking of tables of terrain, we are in the process of recycling some of our older sets here in the office into fully-fleshed out gaming tables ready to pull out and play! You will be able to follow along with our progress in the coming weeks. Here is a sneak peek at how amazing some of these sets look when given a spruce up!

And speaking of sneak peeks, fans of Sanctuary-17 are going to be able to re-supply their bases soon as the Cargo Lander makes its way onto the table. Those vertical assist thrusters can swivel in several directions independently allowing it to land at its appointed drop-zone with startling precision. I cant wait to get the brush to it!

Cargo Lander incoming with goodies for next week!

Well that’s it from us this week. We are over half way through the Brave New Worlds fulfillment so who knows, if you stick around you might just get the first stirrings of whats around the next corner…


Nick and the Team at Printable Scenery

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