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Painting Guide: Clorehaven

Below is a painting guide, explaining the steps taken to paint the city of Clorehaven.

Clorehaven 3dPrinted painting guide
Clorehaven 3dPrinted painting guide

The models were initially primed with Army Painter Matt Black


This is the scheme used on all the stone.

  1. Heavy dry-brush: Army Painter Dungeon Grey.
  2. Lighter dry-brush: Army Painter Ash Grey.

Wood & Stucco

This is the scheme used on all the wooden features

  1. Heavy Drybrush: Army Painter Oak Brown
  2. Highlight: Vallejo Khaki
  3. Light Drybrush: Army Painter Arid Earth.


This is the scheme to paint the roofs.

  1. Heavy Dry Brush: Army Painter Dark Sky.
  2. Highlight: Army Painter Wolf Grey.

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