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Clorehaven 3dPrinted painting guide

Painting Guide: Clorehaven

Below is a painting guide, explaining the steps taken to paint the city of Clorehaven.

Clorehaven 3dPrinted painting guide
Clorehaven 3dPrinted painting guide

The models were initially primed with Army Painter Matt Black


This is the scheme used on all the stone.

  1. Heavy dry-brush: Army Painter Dungeon Grey.
  2. Lighter dry-brush: Army Painter Ash Grey.

Wood & Stucco

This is the scheme used on all the wooden features

  1. Heavy Drybrush: Army Painter Oak Brown
  2. Highlight: Vallejo Khaki
  3. Light Drybrush: Army Painter Arid Earth.


This is the scheme to paint the roofs.

  1. Heavy Dry Brush: Army Painter Dark Sky.
  2. Highlight: Army Painter Wolf Grey.

10 thoughts on “Painting Guide: Clorehaven

  1. Trying not to be dense here but could you walk me through the process you used for the tudor pieces a bit more?

    You primed in black then:
    – Heavy dry brush of the entire piece (including the stucco bits?) with the oak brown
    – Highlight with Vallejo Khaki. — I assume just the wood pieces?
    – Light dry brush of Army Painter Arid Earth. — including the wood? It also looks like there is a pretty heavy brush of this on the stucco but I assume this is done separately?

    On the tudor pieces do you do all the woods parts first then the white/yellow stucco parts?

    Thank you!


    1. Hey Macdiessel, your right with the oak brown, the khaki can be done across the whole piece and then the arid earth is only on areas with the Stucco. we did them in big batches and we found this to be the quickest way to do them.

  2. I doubt from how long the last comment this will get answered but many tiles were you able to paint with each bottle? Love the paint style but 18 ML doesn’t feel like it go far.

    1. It’s hard to say exactly as we paint them in large batches. If you’re worried about having enough paint and you know you’ll use a lot sometimes it can pay off to take the paint to a hardware store or paint shop and get a larger bottle color-matched. Most indoor acrylic paints work very well on miniatures.

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