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A guide to wooden, stone and castle floor effects

A step by step guide to painting the wooden floors

  1. Use a paint brush and paint colours = oak brown, monster brown, true copper. (Any dark brown and light brown combination will work)

2. Wooden floors primed and ready to paint.

3. Firstly start with the black primed wooden floor tile, secondly paint a base coat of oak brown, thirdly highlight with colour monster brown. The rivets are painted in true copper.

A step by step guide to prepping and painting stone floor tiles

  1. You will need sand, PVA glue and a paint brush.

2. Brush PVA glue onto tile positioning the paint brush flat to avoid the glue getting into the grooves.

3. Sprinkle sand over the tile.

4. The stone floor tiles are prepared with sand for texture and ready for priming.

5. Stone floors and castle floors primed and ready to paint.

6. Paint the tiles as per our quick drybrush technique

This castle floor tile has had the squares painted red for effect



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