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Scaling Printable Scenery Models

Every 3D printer comes with software that you will need to prepare STL files for printing; this software is called a Slicer. The slicer can be used to make changes to the file before printing, including changing the scale of the model.

In the Cura Slicer, one of the most popular FDM slicer programs, you will find the scaling tools on the left of the scene. Each slicer has a different interface, but they all have the ability to scale.

Scaling Blog

Our buildings and terrain are designed to work with 28mm scale models. In the few cases where they have been designed for other scales, this will be stated on the product page.

We have listed some of the common wargaming scales below with the scale change needed from our standard 28mm. We have also added our recommended layer height for printing at the different scales.

  • 37mm  –118% — print at .2 (O Gauge Railroad)
  • 32mm  –114% — print at .2 (Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux)
  • 28mm — 0% — print at .2 (Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action, Star Wars Legion)
  • 15mm — 60% — print at .2 (Flames Of War, Napoleonic)
  • 10mm — 33% — print at .1 (Dropzone Commander)
  • 6mm — 24% — print at .05 (Ancients, WWIII)

When we deliver a model, the file will have separate folders designed for different sized build plates (How we deliver STL files). Depending on the size, the complete and main files are great for scaling down, while the Small Printer Cuts are great for scaling up.

Bolt Action House

You can use our Sid Scale to see how your models will look next to a miniature before printing

Sid Scale is labeled by his base size, so remember to check the Sid Scale image in the folder to select the appropriate model to check your scale against.

You can also find a video about scaling on our Youtube channel

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