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How Rampage System Works

What is Rampage?

Rampage System from Printable Scenery is a modular, inter-connecting scenery building system that allows you to build everything from perfect dungeon tiles to large structures and fortifications. Rampage uses OpenLOCK locking clips to attach walls to floor tiles, allowing you to mix and match to make amazing combinations. These walls tessellate perfectly, so you can make true-form dungeon tiles, rooms, floors and buildings. The detachable walls mean you can build just about anything.


Models are delivered as .STL file packs, and so are ready to be printed on any home 3D printer. You can read more about buying 3D printers and the cost of printing here on our knowledgebase.


How does the Rampage System work?

Rampage uses OpenLOCK clips, a technology devised by us at Printable Scenery allowing for tiles and walls to tessellate perfectly. OpenLOCK allows you to build just about anything you can dream up. With Rampage you can create sets and scenery that are absolutely seamless. This means no more struggling with wall pieces that don’t properly line up. With OpenLOCK, dungeons and structures will stay locked together for as long as you need them, so there is no need to be especially delicate with what you have built.


What are the benefits of the Rampage System?

With the introduction of OpenLOCK clips, Rampage tiles clip together and stay locked for as long as you need. This can simplify the process of building up your dungeons and other sets. One example is in a  role-play scenario, where the dungeon master wants to keep their adventurers in suspense. Rampage tiles would be helpful as entire rooms could be pre-built under the table, and the dungeon master would need to only attach the room upon discovery rather than piecing it together mid-game.


If you are interested in giving Rampage a go, we have a free trial pack available here. Be sure to let us know what you think!


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