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3D Printing Beds

3D Printing Beds Sizing

3D printing beds come in a variety of sizes depending on what 3D printer you have. Some bed sizes are better suited to Printable Scenery items than others. Generally, printing bed sizes define how large of a print you can create with your printer: The smaller the bed, the smaller the maximum print size.

The Wanhao i3 comes with a 200mm printing bed.
The Wanhao i3 comes with a 200mm printing bed.

At Printable Scenery, our models come in a variety of sizes. With a printing bed of dimensions 150mmx150mm (5.9″x5.9″) or greater you will be able to print all of our products. If you already have a printer that is smaller than this, we offer options with our download packs down to 100mmx100mm (3.9″x3.9″).

For advanced users, it is possible to use software such as Meshmixer to “cut up” models prior to printing to fit your printing bed as needed.

Auto & Manual Levelling Beds

Another point of difference for 3D printing beds is whether the bed has automatic or manual levelling. An auto-levelling print bed will still require some manual setup. The printer analyses the bed before firing up in order to account for any skew, adjusting its jets accordingly. This, in turn, helps to account for any minute human error, improving the final print quality.

Generally, at Printable Scenery we recommend going with a 3D printer which can auto-level its bed. This allows for much easier printing on your part. You can print away without having to worry too much about how precise your manual levelling is.

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