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Phelonius Cretch


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Phelonius is our new highly detailed sample miniature, available free from the Printable Scenery website for those wishing to test the quality of our miniature sculpts.

We are offering him as a free download so you can get a taste of how our miniatures are to print and paint. You can check out the rich canvas of textures from his garments to the wood of his stave.  

Phelonius is displayed unpainted as he is currently the model for a painting competition run by Flashforge!

You can see his Dungeons and Dragon Stats here

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Phelonius Cretch the Hedge Wizard: ‘Hedge-Wizard!’ Phelonius hated the term. He considered himself a Wizard, but sure as a man who beats steel into a sword is known as a blacksmith and a man who chips stone a mason, a practitioner of minor Magics and enchantments self-learned outside of a sanctioned Arcane academy is known by all as a Hedge-Wizard.

But Phelonius the Hedge Wizard was no one-trick pony! Oh no, he knew TWO tricks, that is to say, two very great spells. Well technically speaking one was a spell and the other was an enchantment, but he had mastered both and they formed the best part of his traveling theatrical enterprise.

The spell was one of summoning a familiar, the very sort that bought all the non-Human peoples into this Otherworld from the Gloaming in the first place. As such it was a difficult one to perform. Not so much in its complexity, for Phelonius was well practiced in it: (even if he could only summon lesser Faeries such as Shaylee’s and Unseelie’s; he had once managed so much as a Pixie, but nothing greater than that yet Though he knew the spell well enough, he could never be sure what was going to appear, it seemed to vary from land to land as he traveled his show around) It was a complicated affair due to the fact that the Summoning of Familiars had become severely regulated by the Arcane council on account of the many species exploited from the spells past having been intergraded into Human settlements and the complexities this involved for those managing said Faerie populated towns, cities and kingdoms. Sure, it was a popular enough finale to the show in the smaller Human villages, the ones where they didn’t much care for the little folk and weren’t lettered enough to bother Phelonius for the appropriate Paper-work of Wizard practitionership, but in the more species diversified places he performed in, risked being run out of town before his hat could even be passed around for coin.

For now, in this modern era, summoning a familiar before any non-Human people was like showing a collar to a wolf and expecting a waggy tail. They simply were not having it. His other trick was a rather accomplished enchantment he had managed to effect on his hat. Every Wizard, Hedge or otherwise needed a hat, and Phelonius was of marvelous design. Its wide Brim was fashioned into the face of Horned Owl, and when pulled down over his own would transform him into the creature itself! This never failed to wow his audience, for this was no mere common Druidic shape-shifting, oh no, Phelonius enchantment transformed him into a Human proportioned owl. Sure, this was because the actual barn owl transformation enchantment he had intended to imbue on the hat was a failure, but the unintended effect of this miscasting created a very unique spectacle, even for those already accustomed to great feats of the Arcane crafts in the Otherworld.

When the enchantment was actioned, his loosely flared Wizard sleeves would fill with long wing-like fingers while his shirt puffed out with the bristling feathers beneath. His thin head widened as his eyes bulged and his pointy nose sharpened to a beak while his boots opened up to release the long talons of his growing feat. In one short moment, Phelonius Cretch went from an unimpressive man to a spellbinding Owl Mage. He may have stepped on stage as a Hedge Wizard, but folk had soon removed the Hedge from his title by the time he stepped off.

Phelonius Cretch has two versions in the download:

  • Main Folder – A folder containing the 28mm scale model with or without a base.
  • Collectors Edition Folder – Which contains the 70mm scale model with a sub folder of the Pre-supported version.
  • Resin Pre-Supports – Contains the 28mm models, with pre-generated supports for resin printing.


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  • First Published version 1.1



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