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Evil Sorcerer’s Tower


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The Evil Sorcerer’s Tower is perfect as a centrepiece, for brooding and scheming over the city of Winterdale, or as a repository of macabre relics and nefarious traps to ensnare curious adventurers. It is a fantasy-styled building that can be used for role-playing or tabletop war games. Featuring hinged doors, removable roofs and multiple storeys, it prints without supports as separate levels. Also included in this pack is a small printer version. The lamps need to be printed with supports. The candles should be printed at 0.1.

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This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer. The files are set to 28mm scale but can be rescaled before printing.


No-one dared go near the tower at the far end of town, but if they did, the massive skulls carved into its base and withered vines clawing their way up its sides helped encourage folk to keep their distance. It was a place only spoken of in hushed whispers, whose occupier was never mentioned by name, for fear that he might bring ruin upon the speaker.



  • 26 February 2019 (version 1.1) Level 3 and level 4 have been realigned and base skull adjusted to fit.
  • 1 March 2019 (version 1.2) Roof option without chimney added. Adjustments made to stair alignment on Level 3.
  • 26 May 2021 (version 1.3) Fireplace version added. EvilSorcererTower-Lv1-Pt2 doorway repaired to prevent stringing.


  • Right-click on the image below and “Save As” to download the reference sheet for this pack.
  • The small printer reference sheet is included in the zip file.
  • To make the hinges, use a small piece of unused filament. You can refer to this video for instructions.
  • Product measurements can be found in the image gallery.



Additional information



Layer Height

.2 for Normal Quality .1 for High Quality (.2 Layer height is recommended)


Prints without Supports, Requires supports on some files

11 questions for Evil Sorcerer’s Tower

  1. Steven Lamoreaux

    Odd question but what did you use as flock to make your trees look like willows in this picture?

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      Woodland Scenics Green Polyfibre.

  2. christopherlnance (verified owner)

    For the original wizard tower Printable Scenery came out with a version where the metal chimney was removed from the roof. Is there a plan to do the same for the evil sorcerer’s tower? Or what would be the percentage to shrink down the wizard tower roof? Thanks

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      We can do this. I’ll get it resized so it fits and release it soon.

  3. m.sopis

    Hi, quick question please – how big (in mm) is the door? thanks!

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      There are 3 different doors:
      Door 1 is 8.8 x 31.6 x 24.2mm
      Door 2 is 5.6 x 36.4 x 24.6mm
      Door 3 is 3.8 x 42.2 x 16.6mm

  4. jktechwriter (verified owner)

    How do you know which parts will need supports and which will not? I don’t see a document with the zip file containing this info. Apologies if I missed it somewhere.

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      Only the lanterns need to be printed with supports.

  5. David Durbin

    Is there a printing guide for this anywhere?

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      There are printer settings in the additional information tab.

  6. David Durbin (verified owner)

    I’m sorry. I meant *painting* guide. Is there a painting guide available.

  7. nshaffner (verified owner)


    Anyhow, just FYI I found that there are a couple of unsupported islands near the top of the 1st tower levels exterior door. Caused a bit of minor spaghetti that is reparable. (.2 layer height)

    • Nicholas Jebson

      Hey Nshaffner,
      Cheers for that, we will look into it and see what we can do.

  8. nshaffner (verified owner)

    Of course – I’ve got photos of the two places on the tower it happened. If that would help, give me somewhere to send them.

    • Nicholas Jebson

      That would be helpful. If you send them to [email protected] we will check them out and see what needs to be updated.

  9. Jacob Nichols

    Is this compatible with the lighthouse for interchangeable tops? That would be neat!

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      Whilst this model is a mashup conversion of the lighthouse, governor’s mansion and Wizard’s tower, there are some changes like internal staircase and alterations that may not fit. You are certainly welcome to have a go.

  10. James Gitzlaff (verified owner)

    I’m halfway through printing – great sculpt so far, nice work. But I second nshaffner’s comments about spaghetti issues: I encountered it on level 1 part 2, the doorway to level 1 part 1. It appeared that some archway bricks required supports. Trimmed and usable but a little messy.

    Also, question: why no locking tabs on the top of level 1 part 2? True, I could glue together both parts of level 1 and both parts of level 2 and rely on the locking tabs on level 1 part 1 to hold the combined pieces steady, but during play that would require me to reveal simultaneously two spaces on level 1 separated by a door and hence without line of sight. Might be more convenient for play purposes if everything had tabs so they could be dissembled independently (similar to the 1st and 2nd levels of the lighthouse, for instance).

    Finally, please consider that level 1 part 2 has a lot of “dead” space under the spiral stair. Opening that up with a floating spiral (same way as levels 2 and 3) would create more usable space for minis and probably reduce print time and filament demand. Or at least consider a placeholder for a cellar door, closet, etc.

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback, we’ll have a look at the overhang issues.

      Level 1 part 2 and Level 1 part 1 have been designed to glue together, there are filament guide holes to allow glue. But we will have a look at top locking pins.

  11. Bue (verified owner)

    I just bought this, were the support issues identified by nshaffner and James Gitzlaff fixed?

    • Jo Boorer (verified owner)

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have added it to our model update list. In the meantime, I recommend using support where required.

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