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Gothic Architecture


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Nothing speaks more clearly of a heavy-handed, interstellar empire than the austere and imposing creations of gothic architecture.

The Gothic Architecture pack includes forty-seven whole and ruined printable sections for making a modular Gothic style building or ruin. Create multiple or single story ruined or intact buildings, balconies, spires or whole city blocks of solid, Gothic Architecture. Also, the set is compatible with the Imperial Armour and Ruins set, for further customization and configuration.

As this kits is pre-OpenLOCK, these components must be glued together.

This product is part of the APOC Sci-Fi. Please log in if you backed the campaign.

This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer.



  • 29 June 2017 – 5.1 Small mesh repairs to Gothic-IRW-CornerWall03v1.0, Gothic-Scifi-Window-Ruin-E-v1.0, Gothic-Scifi-Window-v1.0.
  • 15 February 2018 – 5.2 Added ruined and non ruined sections without windows, as well as standalone wall tiles without floors.


  • Right-click on the image below and “Save As” to download the reference sheet for this pack.

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Layer Height

.2 for Normal Quality .1 for High Quality (.2 Layer height is recommended)


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6 questions for Gothic Architecture

  1. Frank Hartmann (verified owner)

    Looks great. Will print out some of them over the next days.
    However, what I already realized while playing around digitally: The set would be even more versatile if there were walls included without a window. What that be possible perhaps one day?

    • Matthew Barker (verified owner)

      Yes we will look at doing that at a later stage

  2. Jakob Bruun larsen (verified owner)

    Also a version without a floor. And +2 on the walls with no windows 🙂

    • Matthew Barker (verified owner)

      Walls with no windows, I’ve added it to the to-do list 🙂

  3. Jakob Bruun larsen (verified owner)

    Is it possible to “snap” the diffrent section together? Like in cura or Slic3r MK2 (if using the Prusa)?
    I love your models but I would love to print bigger prints like your buildings in one go.

    • Matthew Barker (verified owner)

      Yes you can use Meshmixer to blend buildings togeather

  4. Ernie Prescott

    Hi Matt, How do the modular tiles connect? The pillar piece looks like it has slots to connect 2 walls in a corner, but its unclear how the entire system connects the tiles? Do the floors connect? Its not openlock! Are they old school and glued together?

    • Matt Barker (verified owner)

      Yes. They are designed to be glued together, similar to Games Workshop 40k Scenery.

  5. seancroberts56 (verified owner)

    Great piece. My only request is that the floor tiles to match some of the windows and doors be included as well (the only floor tile has the square pattern while many of the window and door pieces have the cool looking circular pattern) – I did see the piece included in another set (Gothic Walkways and Buildings – SciFi Base v07)

    • Rex Foot

      We have designed the two packs to have different themes, so that you can choose between the two styles. If you also get the Gothic Walkways pack, then you can mix and match between the two packs, allowing for more customization.

  6. kaotkbliss (verified owner)

    It would be awesome if you made a new pack based off this one, like you did with the gothic walkways/openlock gothic ruins.

    I like being able to take the buildings apart for easier storage and moving.

    • Sam Campbell

      This is reason why we created rampage Gothic, the walls are much thicker which allows for vertical clipping. We can have a look at doing something similar for this set in the future.

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