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Is there a comprehensive dungeon package?

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      I am a at a bit of a loss as to what sets I would need to do an expandable dungeon. What should I get beyond the free sample set?

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      Nicholas Jebson

      there is not one overall pack, though the rampage dungeon set (Rampage Dungeon Kickstarter) is quite a good starting point. that has the crypts, heavy walls, sewers and mines in it. Currently there is a discounted bundle of it all together on the Terrain Tinker Kickstarter which will also give you access to the online dungeon builder (which has been super helpful for letting me know what I should print.)

      There are a few other choice bits in the Castle and Clorehaven Kickstarter sections.

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      I’ve just started, but I’d recommend the Rough stone floor pack & the Rampage Heavy Walls. You can expand to one of the rampage door sets later if you want to replace the portcullis you get in the starter trial set.

      /rough stone floors
      Rampage Hvy Walls

      this will cover 90% of your dungeon requirements to start with!

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