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The Evil Under Clorehaven D&D Module


Written by legendary dungeon master Matt Rauscher, The Evil Under Clorehaven is an exciting adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5E, designed for parties around 3rd to 5th level. It has the tools and framework to be run as a one-shot adventure or slipped in as a side quest of a grander campaign narrative.



The Evil Under Clorehaven is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e module that uses your 3D printed buildings and caverns from the Clorehaven & Goblin Grotto sets.

There is still time to grab an awesome deal on the sets, head along to the Clorehaven & Goblin Grotto Late Pledge to get it all for an awesome price.

If you wish to build the town of Clorehaven as described in the module, you can find most of the instructions in the assembly guides.


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