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Late Pledge Clorehaven & the Goblin Grotto


Purchasing this product entitles you to a a late pledge for the ‘Clorehaven & the Goblin Grotto’ Kickstarter at the all-in level which includes all the stretch goals and the bonus items. View Kickstarter here.

The price is $120 US Dollars. The main pledges will be delivered before the end of August and the remaining stretch goals will be delivered over the following six months.

Each week we will release the stretch goals as we build them, you will be able to check these by going to the Kickstarter and reading the updates.

This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer. The files are set to 28mm scale but can be rescaled before printing.


By purchasing this product you effectively become a backer of the Clorehaven and the Goblin Grotto Kickstarter

Clorehaven Pledge :   Clorehaven is constructed using the OpenLOCK tile system where quality detailed modular and functional buildings can be constructed in any shape and size whilst maintaining the true 1″ grid system used for most role playing games. This pledge contains the models to build the Townhouse, Cottage, Homestead, Grand Hostel, Cabin, Tavern, Chalet, Watchtower and Schist Stone Fences.  The Clorehaven Pledge includes the stretch goals labelled Clorehaven.

Goblin Grotto Pledge:  The free form caverns create natural and expansive cavern maps and tunnel systems quickly and dynamically. The cavern floors are designed to have a comparable 1″ grid system for RPG whilst still maintaining the natural rock form. This pledge contains the Moon Effigy, the Goblin Cavern Floors, The Cavern Walls, The Cavern Tunnels, the Cavern Bridge, Rickety Bridges and the Gloom Creeper. The Goblin Grotto Pledge includes the stretch goals labelled Goblin Grotto.

Getting your files

Within a week: We will be able to send most of the add-ons and .The add-on for the dungeon traps and the ruined winterdale 2 add-ons will be sent over the following six months as we develop them.

Before the end of August
: We will send out all the main pledges for Clorehaven and the Goblin Grotto

Over the next six months. We will send out all the stretch goals, bonus items and the dungeon traps and ruined winterdale 2. Each week we will post an update on Kickstarter with the download links and a status update.

Downloading Files

Once the files are ready, when you login to your account you will see a pledge icon over the products that are part of your pledge, the price will be $0.00. Once you process the product through your cart you will be send an encrypted download link. Also, the red ‘Buy’ button will be replaced with a blue ‘Download’ button so you can easily see which products you have already purchased and download them again.

Updates to files

We regular update files and push out the notifications about these updates via email. To make sure you receive the updates please subscribe to the Product Updates mailing list.

Follow along on our Forum to keep track of model variations

We will be managing the list of product variations in our forum for this Kickstarter
You can comment on the variations and request new variations in our forum. Variations differ from updates as are modifications to models that we are currently working on.

Facebook Group

You can post up your prints and chat with OpenLOCK designers and other backers on the Printable Scenery and OpenLOCK Facebook Group

Q & A

  1. Avatar


    Does the late pledge include all the stretch goals included in the original kickstarter pledges?

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell

      Yes, the late pledge includes all applicable stretch goals.

  2. Avatar


    Is there also the possibility of a late pledge only for Clorehaven?

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell

      The Late pledge is only available for all-in.

  3. Avatar

    Tony Troskoski

    Clorehaven would be an awesome addition for anybody tat backed Winterdale and/or Apocalypse (I backed both). I hope you reconsider breaking it away from he Goblin stuff. If you do, I am sure a swarm will rush in to pick this up (myself included). I am just bummed that I missed the Kickstarter when it was running so I could grab just those models!

    I just don’t think I would have a need to print a single thing from the goblin folder….

    -Tony T

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell

      We’ll be releasing a package separately after the Kickstarter has been fulfilled at a retail price rather than the discounted price that is available for a limited time.

  4. Avatar

    Kayo de Bakker

    I plan on getting this asap but was wondering how long this late pledge will be available for at this price. Is it possible to get an estimate? I would hate for it to be gone because I planned on waiting a month or a bit more.

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell

      We’re going to disable this full late all-in pledge in the next week.

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