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Port Winterdale Docks


Port Winterdale Docks is a dock set that is compatible with Port Winterdale Bastion and Ramparts to create a fortified port docks and pier system for warships and Merchant ships. The docks can be used for role-playing or table top war games of a fantasy, historical or pirate setting.

Download the Rampage Base Pack for free to get the latest version of the OpenLOCK clip.

This product is part of the Add-ON Port Winterdale. Please log in if you backed the campaign.

This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer. The files are set to 28mm scale but can be rescaled before printing.


After many months at sea any sailor would be grateful for shore leave having arrived at sturdy docks in a well-fortified port town.


  • 30 May 2019 (version 1.1) Twelve extra pieces added to allow you create more options. (Refer to galley pic for an example)
  • 25 September 2019 (version 1.2) Corrections made to allow better alignment.
  • 18 November 2022 (version 1.3) Textured corners added to L and T Connectors to give better alignment detail.


  • Right-click on the image below and “Save As” to download the reference sheet for this pack.
  • Product measurements can be found in the image gallery.

OpenLOCK Port Winterdale Docks

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Layer Height

.2 for Normal Quality .1 for High Quality (.2 Layer height is recommended)

17 questions for Port Winterdale Docks

  1. Avatar

    rwsorden (verified owner)

    I really like this set, but I do wish there were a few more pieces that could be used to make a “deeper” dock that would allow minis to descend to “ground” level: a version of the dock section that is flat on the rearside with OpenLock ports, a version of the dock section that is flat on both sides with OpenLock ports (to be used as a filler to make a deeper dock), and, lastly a version of the dock section that is flat on one side with OpenLock ports and that has a stair or ramp on the other side to allow minis/cargo to descend to ground level. That’s my Christmas wish list!

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      A great suggestion. We’ll add it to our ideas to development queue.

  2. Avatar

    caine (verified owner)

    Add to the wishlist an inside corner piece, and an outside corner piece, for making L-shaped dock areas. T-shaped pieces for running piers out into the harbor.

    Bonus wish wishlist: inside and outside 45 degree angle pieces to further increase dock shapes.

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      We’ll add it to our suggestion list for future development.

  3. Avatar

    Nick Simmerson (verified owner)

    All of the above, plus an ‘end’ section either square and/or rounded so that the an isolated pier can be created?
    – which might mean a dock section with mooring posts of the back side and/or both sides as it would be surrounded by water?

    Also steps and/or a ramp down into the water?

  4. Avatar

    David Dierks (verified owner)

    Add to the wishlist pier corners and pier T-shapes.

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      Release 1.1 includes Corners and T Intersection Connectors for the Docks.

  5. Avatar

    Voodoo (verified owner)

    I really like the picture of the docks connected to the ramparts/bastion. I was looking at the pieces of the winterdale dock set and I can’t seem to figure out are the stairs that are connected to the ramparts sitting on top of a section of dock? if so what piece?

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      These are stone stairs included in the zip.

  6. Avatar

    Voodoo (verified owner)

    Yes figured it out thanks again for your response.

  7. Avatar

    shawngreen1 (verified owner)

    Having a problem printing – PortWinterdaleDocks-Stone-Dock-Outside-Corner-v1.1

    Have tried on multiple printers….it seems to be a problem in the gcode, im using prusa slicr…and I can see on layer 3 its printing one of the layers as an overhang..please help.

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      We’ve checked this file is ok. It may be a problem downloading it. Can you please re-download the file and re-import it into your slicer.

  8. Avatar

    racm32 (verified owner)

    The T junctions have squared corners where the pieces meet so the curved edges of the pier and docks dont transition well. Suggest cropping them somehow.

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      This has been scheduled to be updated.

  9. Avatar

    CristianSCooney (verified owner)

    Three items:
    1. The lower docks do not have an end cap just open lock ports with nothing to close them.
    2. A lower dock without steps but with the Open Lock connectors would be useful.
    3. The “T” and “L” pieces do not align with other pieces on the inside edge

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      We’re looking to do some updates on this set in the next couple of months.

  10. Avatar

    bfroehlich123 (verified owner)

    Hello! I just re-downloaded these after a year and a half or so and noticed after printing some new ones they don’t match up with the old ones. The older ones had a sharper edge on the land (non-sea) side where as the new ones are rounded on both edges. Is there a legacy folder I’m missing? How do I get the old docks to match up with my current set?

  11. Avatar

    Shaun Kantor (verified owner)

    Perhaps I am missing this, but the steps to lower docks do not appear to have any matching piece? I also have not found anything that matches it in any other sets? Also is there a Dock section without the wooden Poles for the stairs to sit on?

    • Avatar

      Nicholas Jebson

      The lower dock sections are meant to sit next to each other, creating an area close to the waterline for small boats to pull up to. We don’t have a lower dock extension piece though that is something we can add to the update que and get added.

  12. Avatar

    Joakim Ström (verified owner)

    I’m also printing these now and want to repeat the comments above.
    Would be nice with
    – inside corner so we can make L-formed pieces
    – filler pieces so I could make extra wide piers or quays (to sit between for example two PortWinterdaleDocks-Stone-Dock-Connector-T-inside-A)
    – more lower pieces. Extensions, end-pieces and maybe a lower piece that goes along the quays and an L-shaped piece.

    All in all very useful pieces, and I intend to use them with the game Carnevale as they could be perfect for that.
    An update would b very appreciated!

  13. Avatar

    Joakim Ström (verified owner)

    And I can now echo the comment from shawngreen1 above.
    I’m also using Prusa Slicer and the same file (and I have re-downloded the files and the same happens)
    Bottom 3 layers ok (0.2 layer height), then there are 4 nearly empty layers resulting in a failed print. Tried with different layer heights but still problem with empty layers.
    The legacy-file’s got the same problem

  14. Avatar

    James Jones (verified owner)

    I love these pieces, but the ‘chains’ that hang from the vertical wooden beams need improvement. Currently all of the chains appear to have two ‘missing links’ in the middle. Further, the chain isn’t fully modelled, so it doesn’t really even look like a chain anyway. I’d strongly recommend just removing the chains entirely – most boats would have their own rope anyway, and the models would look just fine without the chains (definitely so with the chains in their current state).

    • Avatar


      Hi James,

      Thanks for spotting that! It looks like they are in need of an update, we may even do a version with chains and another without!



  15. Avatar

    lgs.cedri (verified owner)

    Je lance ma première impression du dock et j’en attends beaucoup!
    J’aimerais trouver le galion qui est sur les photos. Je le trouve vraiment sympa!

  16. Avatar

    David Miller (verified owner)

    Hi there, I saw a post from January 2020 regarding and update to the “T” and “L” pieces. These parts are squared off where they would connect with pier or dock pieces and don’t transition smoothly. Is there any update on that? Thanks!

    • Avatar

      Jo Boorer (verified owner)

      I have moved this up the update list so should be available soon.

  17. Avatar

    David Miller (verified owner)

    Thanks Jo! What are the chances of getting a “square” piece to fill in gaps to make super wide docks? That would be amazing. Thanks for hearing all of my suggestions!

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