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Want to try Rampage Tiles

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      Hey everyone,

      I am currently saving to buy a 3D printer. I am interested in the Rampage tile system and would like to check it out. Is there anyone selling Rampage tiles? I’m not sure if this is allowed? I’ve seen other tile systems for sale on Etsy but no Rampage that I can find. I am just looking for a few unpainted wall and floor pieces with a clip. If anyone is selling such a thing (once again, if it is allowed) please let me know.

      Thank you!

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      Hi Jeremy,

      The rampage tiles/walls are all based on OpenLock, so anything based on OpenLock standard will be compatible.
      Which country are you in? I have a few custom tiles I’ve designed and happy to send you a few samples if you cover the shipping fee.


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      Brian Etty

      There is a free package you can download to try them out. I would check with your local library if they have a 3d printer. Depending on where you live you can DL the package and go to the library and print a few tiles to get the feel for them.

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      We have a few Rampage trial free packs here

      Rampage Castle trial pack

      Rampage Base Pack

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      You do bring up a point that isn’t addressed in the reply. According to the site terms and conditions, you are not allowed to sell any tiles you print from the models you purchase. While I don’t have any intention of doing so, and this is a very similar policy that Hero Forge has with their custom figures, I would suggest that this is an impossible thing for both companies to control and would have the potential to drive folks interested in monetizing the production of terrain and figures to open source or simply ignoring the policy.

      I am a designer, maker and artist and understand the need to protect the hard work that goes into things like this. One option, could be to provide a “commercial license” option for those interested in being a provider of these printed tiles or figures. Not sure what that might look like but it never hurts to get more people using your product. If I bought a set on Etsy…. loved them… decided to invest in a printer and became a customer of Printable Scenery, there’s some potential opportunity there.

      If major brands can’t police bootlegs… a smaller organization simply cannot afford it. The question is, is there a way to facilitate this so folks who do want to play by the rules can do so to the benefit of all.

      Sorry for the off-topic but this does mean it’s very hard to try Rampage tiles if nobody can sell you a few.

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      We do have a licensed printing program, you can check out our licensed printers here:

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