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Scaling Prints on a single axis

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      Mike Los

      Without resculpting or designing terrain yourself, there is an easy way to change the dimensions of a model and still have the model fit in line with the rest of your terrain.
      Most 3D printing hobbyists will know how to rescale pieces to make them smaller or larger.
      You can, however, easily rescale your model on a single axis to suit your needs.
      All you have to do is untick Uniform Scaling in your slicer settings, then pick the axis you want to scale. So if you want a piece to be shorter but still have the same dimensions, otherwise scale it only on the vertical axis. Depending on the program you’re using, it could be X, Y, or Z. try it out until you’re happy with the result.
      As an example here we’ve used the Shrine of Solace from the Dwarves, Elves and Demons Kickstarter.
      We’ve scaled the Z-axis to 80% to make the railing shorter but kept X and Y the same. Next to a 35mm tall mini, you can see the difference.

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