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Letter code reference?

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      Jeff Young

      After acquiring quite a few Printable Scenery bundles and (finally) getting a Prusa Mini+, I’ve begun putting the printer through its paces to see what it can do (and what I can learn). As I’ve been picking and choosing tiles to print, it’s become obvious to me that there’s a lettering scheme being used. In several places, I’ve seen references on how to build a room or in the provided reference JPG files (with the download).

      However, I’d like to know if there’s more meaning to some of the lettering codes that just simply identifying them (as different from other pieces).

      For example, a few of the codes I haven’t been able to work out include the following.

      A versus AS
      Mid-S (e.g., Crypt Walls)… SA, SB

      Can anyone shed some light on how to think about these letter codes?

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      Mike Los

      Hi Jeff,

      We have a guide from our Rampage Dungeon Kickstarter that shows some of the basic tiles on our knowledgebse
      For a full reference the OpenLOCK Tesselation Templates are what we use.
      The best way to learn I think is by using Terrain Tinker if you haven’t been on there already. You can put together the pieces digitally and even combine them to export and print as larger pieces.

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      Jeff Young

      Thanks Mike, that helps! I’ll check out Terrain Tinker as I haven’t been able to get to it yet. I’ll download the templates too. Thanks again.

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