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First build

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      Good morning all,

      This is the first open lock system I’ve kickstarted and i have some questions on assembly. I’ve printed most of the bottom floor of the tavern and i’m confused on how to connect:
      1. The floors to the walls, the open locks don’t seem to fit. (there seems to be “grate” sort of opening instead of the normal openlock plug on the floors and on the bottom inside of the walls).
      2. How to connect corners as there’s not enough room for 2 open lock clips.

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      Those uprights in the slot for the clip are built in supports. You can snap them off with pliers or with snips and the clips should fit in fine.

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      AvatarMarcus Tillman

      But be careful only clip the front supports, the back ones are needed for the click. Try to only clip the ones you need removed, keeping the rest for strength.

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      Awesome, that makes sense on the floor pieces, but how do you join the corners of the walls?

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      One clip on either side; you should not need two clips to hold the pieces in place – take a look at the buttress tiles, that shows what I mean.

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      Sam CampbellSam Campbell

      If you have a look at the main assembly diagram here it shows how the main types of pieces are connected.

      Clorehaven Assembly Guides

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      Where are the prints for the clips to attach the different pieces?

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      Sam CampbellSam Campbell

      Download the Rampage Base Pack for free to get the latest version of the OpenLOCK clip.

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