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Dungeon doors 1 I-tile wide?

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      Niels Laurits Kristensen

      Hello all

      Sorry in advance – I find it difficult to describe my problem in english 🙂

      I’m trying to plan some prints for Mantic’s Dungeon Saga.
      In that game the doors take up a space, so some sort of S-file is the obvious choice.
      The trouble is that alot of the doors in the game are just 1 space wide (an I-tile). That would not be a problem if I was connecting larger rooms as the “door part” of a regular door file is just 1 Space wide and I could just connect the other spaces at the middle of the door tile.
      But it becomes difficult when placed in a hallway only 1 space wide. The door’s S-tile doesnt really fit within a narrow hallway.

      Any ideas? 🙂

      I have access to almost all Kickstarter files.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hmmm, might be difficult getting it to clip together and all that, but you could have a go with the crypt files? The thickness of the walls will blend in, and if you get a door section and pair it with a IA floor tile and 2 I columns either side you might be in luck? did a quick mock up in Meshmixer to give an idea

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      Niels Laurits Kristensen


      That is a great idea.
      I was so hung up on the S-tile idea, which complicated the rest of the design.

      Super 🙂

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