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Conversion Pieces

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      I mix and match a lot of the rampage pieces during D&D sessions. One thing I would love to see are conversion pieces. For example if I’m making a sewer and I want it to dump into a cavern I would love to see some floors and walls that would convert the sewer into the cavern.

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      It’s something we’ve looked at and would like to do, but there are so many many conversion pieces possibilities. If you had 10 configurations of walls and floors you’d need 45 different converters and that would be just for a standard configuration of 2″ tile and walls. We may look at individual pieces. The sewer into cavern sounds like a logical type convertor though.

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      Oh I totally get the complexity of having and making a ton of those converters, but I am loving the sewers/caverns idea! Thanks for putting out such a great product!

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