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Clorehaven outside walls

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      Since this suggestion involvews all outside walls and windows of clorehaven, I’ll put it here.

      I have a problem attaching my balconies to the outside of the different walls.

      Only the interior walls and interior doors have connections to both sides, where as the outside walls and windows don’t.
      This makes attaching them of course very difficult.

      For example a D window next to an AS door will only allow to fix the balcony to the door and not to the window.
      Making it instable when handled.

      So would it be possible to make a extra version of the different clorehaven outside wall and window pieces to be able to attach the balconies?

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      The AS and DAS windows, doors and walls are made with ports on both sides to allow balconies to be attached. The corbel versions do not have ports on both sides of the walls as they typically don’t have balconies.

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        Sam, could you link me to the AS and DAS windows?
        I can’t find them in the clorehaven walls. (and those are sprecifely the ones I was looking for with this suggestion.)

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      Then I’ll have to re download it, those files are not in my clorehaven tudor windows map.

      My apologies for the misinformation.

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      There are AS and DAS windows in Tudor here:

      Tudor Walls

      … and AS in schist here:

      Schist Walls

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