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The Crypts Bundle


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The Crypts Bundle includes

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This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer.



  • 7th March 2018 – TRP-Crypt Walls is now included in the bundle.

1 question for The Crypts Bundle

  1. cassiusfelix

    I’m about to purchase this bundle. I understand we can rescale but my goal is to create a 3×6 table of 6x 24”x24” modular boards with fixed terrain. would these work out to add up to those dimensions with minimal scaling?

    • Nicholas Jebson

      Yes, they will. We have a generalized scale for everything based on inches (as that is what D&D uses for its measurements on a battle map). I can give you a general rule of thumb here.

      the standard walls are all .5″ thick. Any walls marked as ‘A’ are 2″ wide, D is 3″ wide and Q is 4″ wide. The columns are all .5″ square, and the direction of the ports are indicated by their letter (L for instance, has 2 faces at 90 degrees with ports on them for doing corners)

      The standard floors are the E (2″x2″) and U (4″x4″) squares. These will fill the majority of your floor space. there are N & S floors that are both 1″ x 2″, these differ on the placement of the OpenLOCK clip ports. The floors are a basic set for doing special rooms in the crypt, for a full floor we recommend grabbing the comprehensive Rough Stone Floors too, which will give you every possible combination of floor you could need to fill out such large boards.

      The set is designed

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