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Farm Pig Pen


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The Farm Pig Pen is a stone-built farm building featuring a sty, barn and enclosed mud yard. The stalls have opening gates to keep livestock safe at night and the roofs can be taken off to reveal the interior. Its low wall provides great cover for troops and keeps the pigs where they belong.

Also check out the ruined version here.

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This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer.


This simple structure serves the purpose of sheltering the many pigs required to feed his Majesties city. With a high window to help vent some of the smell and low sturdy walls to pen in the great porcine beasts, the Farm Pig Pen can be found on the cheaper side of town. 

Notes for Farm Pig Pen STL:

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  • Product measurements can be found in the image gallery.
  • First Published version 1.0

Farm Pig Pen STL

Additional information


100% for resin printing, 10% to 15% for most parts but increase to 20% for thin upright parts such as door frames for added strength

Layer Height

0.05 high quality on resin printers, .2 for Normal Quality .1 for High Quality (.2 Layer height is recommended)


requires supports for resin printing, Prints without Supports

3 questions for Farm Pig Pen

  1. billy.wardlaw (verified owner)

    Would it be possible to get a version without the floor? Its not really necessary, would save filament, and let you print the small roof and gates inside the pen area.

    • Jo Boorer (verified owner)

      This is a good idea. Will ask the designer for this option.

  2. biltongary (verified owner)

    Just finishes printing my pig pen sometime during the night. It’s a fantastic looking piece of kit but I’d like to ask, is it proportioned right, with the two side doors seeming double the height needed for pigs?

    • Matt Barker

      We scaled it to be in line with the low walls but you could scale it down a little if you think it suits your setting better.

  3. biltongary (verified owner)

    Oh Matt, don’t get me wrong i love the size of the piece, it feels like a real usable building for my minis rather than what most buildings feel like, shoebox apartments, it’s literally just the twin doors where Mr and Mrs piggikins calls home felt a tad big for said Mr and Mrs piggikins.

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