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Unwanted infill on Openlock?

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      I’m much more used to my resin printer, but I’ve recently dipped my toe in PLA in order to get some nice scenery for my D&D games going.
      I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong though, cause there seems to be more plastic being printed here than what there should be.
      Sorry if this is a newbie mistake, but does anyone know why these extra pits of plastic are printing here (and unshown in the gap underneath), and how to avoid printing them?

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      AvatarNicholas Jebson

      Hey Leynok. It looks like you have support settings turned on, The Openlock tiles print without the need for them. When your in the slicer if you look for your support settings (usually on the right hand side in Cura) and untick generate supports that should solve it for you

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      Thank you! Sorry for a late reply, but yes this solved my problem.
      Cheers mate.

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