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Tudor walls infill

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      Question. Why do the models for clorhaven and winterdale show brick underneath the Tudor daub as oppose to wattle and daub which was much more common historically? Not essential by any means but I’m curious

      What I mean is that traditionally stone construction was very hard to achieve due to the difficulties of finding and moving stones (there is good lore in hagglethorn hollow that stones are more easily available). A normal commoners wall wood be made with structural timber (the tudor beams) followed by a smaller wood lattice acting as infill (wattle) with mud and clay caked on top (Daub).

      Having infill of stone as seen under the cracked daub makes sense for the lore behind hagglethorn but not for most locations as being able to use less stone was one of the main drivers for this style of building.

      Hope it doesn’t look like i’m complaining because I really love your models but I wanted to know if there was a reason behind it, thanks!

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      Mike Los

      Hi Philip,

      Great question! The reason there is stone behind them more for gaming reasons than historical accuracy. It was designed that way so that the tiles are reversible for use in building dungeons for Clorehaven.
      Speaking of Clorehaven, the reason they use a lot of stone in the construction of their buildings is to help shore up their defences from the Goblin Grotto nearby. Being the target of constant raids their buildings have been upgraded.

      You do raise an excellent point and one we’re keen to remedy with more traditional wattle and daub (like you can see in the Shadowfey Ruins) when we revise these ranges.
      One idea to remedy this would be to paint the internal bricks as mud bricks. Not traditional, but would be easier to explain on some of the poorer sectors of the town.

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      Hi Michael

      Thanks heaps for that explanation. Looking forward to wattle and daub at some point in the future then. I will also put a request in for thatched rooves to accompany the clorhaven shingles while I’m at it! (In fact a whole poor quarter would be great….hint hint)

      Thanks for all the great models, looking forward to what you come up with next.


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      Nicholas Jebson

      Ohhh OpenLOCK thatched roofs would be spicy…

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