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Tribal Ramparts – Tusks Brittle

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    AvatarTim Poulos

    Hello everyone. I’m completely new to 3D printing, having purchased an Ender 3 Pro just last week. I’ve been able to print a few smaller items without many issues, but I’m having trouble printing the Tribal Ramparts. More specifically, the tusk pieces and the taller wooden fence posts are not tightly spaced (vertically) and are very brittle (most have broken off at this point). I’ve printed at both .16 and .20 layer height, but the results are pretty similar. The attached images were printed after slicing in Cura with an infill of 10%. Perhaps that needs to be higher to make these sections of the model a bit more sturdy?

    Any suggestions or thoughts on what might be causing these issues is much appreciated.


    AvatarBrian Etty

    I would look at the number of top layers, and outline/perimeter shells layers you have. On your layer settings depending on what software you are using you can define these. alot of times they are low.

    Top Solid Layers
    Bottom Solid Layers
    Outline/Perimeter Shell

    I think personally the safe min is 5/5/3 but I tend to go as high as 10/10/5 if I want it solid. A little more time and plastic depending on the model really don’t mean that much.

    AvatarTim Poulos

    Thanks for the advice. I’m using Cura 4.0 and double checked the profile settings used for those prints. The Top/Bottom Thickness is set to 0.6mm, which calculates a Top Layers and Bottom Layers value of 10. I’m not sure which setting I should check for the Outline/Perimeter Shell value that you indicated.

    AvatarBrian Etty

    I think in Cura you are looking at:

    in Shell >
    Wall Line count/Wall thickness
    Top/Bottom Thickness/Layers


    I had similar issues. I upped the outer layers to 4 and it resolved most of my issues. I use Slic3r.

    AvatarTim Poulos

    Thanks. I may have to try Slic3r to see if that makes a difference as I’m still having issues with these particular prints.

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