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Travelers Camp 1

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      Joseph Bloom

      I just purchased this one and started to print it, but I am confused how all of the pieces and supports are supposed to work.

      I have a horse printing now that I sliced by dropping it in the Prusa slicer, selecting supports and going from there.

      I sliced a tent up the same way. It looks like it should be fine.

      Then I opened up the wagon and got very confused. I see there are multiple sets of the models, some “clean” and some with supports designed into the print. I guess that second makes a lot of sense with some of the complex shapes. From the JPG I was expecting the pieces to print flat on one side, but I can see in the slicer that is not the case.

      What I really don’t understand is why there are three axles and two Shaft/Tender pieces. Also, why four wheels? Are there instructions somewhere on how this is supposed to go together?


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