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Thread to share dungeon maps makeable with rampage tiles etc

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      Andy Comber

      I’m working on a D&D campaign right now and am making all my dungeons and cavern encounters with printable scenery models. Is there already or can we start if it doesn’t currently exist a forum thread to share dungeon maps with a “print list” of tiles and walls etc required to build the map. I think it would be really great to have a bunch of maps uploaded with perhaps a kit list of walls and floors etc required to print to recreate it for your own games. What do people think? Is this a good idea or do you think it’s too much work to upload?

      The reason I ask this is my new group (2 new players) have never played before and they (by their own admission) have little imagination to be able to picture the encounter just from description. This prompted me to want to give them 3d printed terrain to better visualise their surroundings and all be on the same page as to where stuff is and plan battles etc. As a DM planning ahead is really hard to know what pieces I need to print and have ready and I think a resource of maps and kit lists of scenery required would make this really easy to have a reference to draw inspiration from, pack a box with the relevant parts and assemble rooms ahead of the game as the players progress.

      Need a quick encounter to drop into next session, look one up, build your kit list together and drop it in when needed.

      Sound like a plan or no?

      What do you all say?

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      Spoon Fed IQ

      I’m relatively new to the printable scenery scene, but have used other modular terrain extensively for dungeon building.
      I find that placing tiles on a large grid patterned surface, such as cutting mat, and copying results on graph paper, one can alleviate potential issues and be free to experiment accordingly.
      It is a bit old school, but seems to work well.
      I hope this helps.

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