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The Black Ship – Question

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      MAD DM2020

      Hello Folks –

      I’m not having any issues at the moment, but I do have a question. I was about to start the print on the Black Ship, Bow Top, and realized that it’s not flat to the print surface.

      In fact, it looks like it’s only the back portion of the print that’s currently touching the build plate. So before I try this, does this thing need supports under it? Was it supposed to sit flush in the back only? How about a brim or skate?

      I’d appreciate any feedback before I start in on it

      BTW – this is going on a CR10 S Pro v2

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      Mike Los

      Hey thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

      We’ve re-oriented that piece so its flat on the build plate now. You should get an email with the updated version once its uploaded in the very near future

      Appreciate the feedback, those wily pirates can sometimes slip past us!
      Happy printing!

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