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Some helpful links for Cura tips


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      Fern Campbell

      Running Ender 3s, I had to learn a lot about tweaking slicer settings to get my prints to come out just right. There’s a bunch of things I’ve learned, but I’m just sharing a couple of the most helpful Cura videos I found, that were really good for once I’d worked out how to use a slicer, but not quite how to get the quality I needed.

      The links below are from the following YouTube channels:
      – Teaching Tech (
      – CHEP (

      Note: Most of the links below are things I used specifically for the Ender 3, but can be helpful for other printers – advice on tuning slicer settings and calibrating the printer, including types of test print to run, such as temperature towers. I was so busy in the early days of printing that I didn’t take the time to do these sort of things. Having learned the hard way, I’m trying to do them on my machines now, to work out the best temperatures to print at for quality and reliability purposes. (Teaching Tech) – a guide on a few Cura settings including support blockers, modifying brim widths and cutting off parts of a print by dropping the print through the print bed. These are all really simple, beginner things, but made a big difference to things like keeping my supports intact, or printing awkward pieces that needed one section to print slower than another, or at a higher infill. (CHEP) – The difference between tree and simple supports. I’ve had a play with the tree supports, and can see that they are extremely versatile, and I’m looking forward to more projects where they’ll come in useful. (CHEP)

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