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Smooth tile tops?

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      Ender 3 V2
      0.4mm nozzle
      0.2mm layer height
      Top Thickness 0.8 and Top Layers 4
      5% infill Concentric Pattern
      ZIRO PLA Marble Filament at 200C/60C
      Slicer: Cura 4.13.0

      I am unable to get smooth tops on the tiles I am printing. On the attached picture I put little red dots in the recessed areas that do not appear to be properly filling with material in case you have difficulty seeing it due to the lighting or material color. My e-steps and flow are properly calculated at the moment using the standard methods out there. I have not played around with ironing, but I really don’t think this is an issue ironing would solve.

      Any recommendations on settings I should try playing with in Cura would be greatly appreciated.

      thank you!

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      Mike Los

      Hi Shep,

      Your settings seem fine, i think those layer lines are just in the nature of printing slight differences in height with FDM. You could try 0.1mm layer height but that’s going to increase your print time significantly.
      My suggestion would be to re-orient the tile to print on its side instead of flat. If you print with a brim or raft it should be stable enough. Whilst you might get some horizontal layer lines they’re much easier to sand down.
      Hope that helps

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