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Scrouge Flyer; gap filling

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      I’m printing out the scrouge flyer and when I take the parts off the bed, they seem perfectly flat and level; I’m getting really good bed adhesion.

      However, when I put the bases for part 2 and part 4 together, the ends line up, but there’s a gap in the center. I assume that’s from an uneven bed, and I’m going to take care of that, but I’d like to be able to use these parts.

      Do y’all have any suggestions for filling the gap?

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      R. Greg Szrama

      I had a similar problem with my Elven Sky Reaver. I got a tube of inexpensive wood putty. I glued the parts together then worked the putty into the gaps, used my fingers to smooth it out, then used a knife once it cured to shape the surface a touch more. I like wood putty with 3d printed models because it’s formulated to not shrink as it cures so you get a nice consistent finish. It’s also sandable, primable, and paintable.

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      I typically sculpt in using greenstuff and paint on simple putty when dry and finish with a little bit of filing and sanding.

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      Thanks! I really like the idea of using wood putty; I hadn’t thought of that before. It seems more forgiving than green stuff.

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