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Schist Low Walls – No L 90 degree column

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      I’m looking to use the low walls to create a 3D Altar Quest board. However I can’t do that without a column that allows 90 degrees, or 180 or even one that has connectors at left, right and in the middle. All of those pieces would be crucial to be able to create a dungeon layout with just walls. I don’t want to use floors as I don’t really need them.

      Is this something you’d be able to add to the set? I’d imagine it’s probably pretty easy to whip up, since it exists in the regular Schist walls set. I hope you guys can find the time to do it.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      We can certainly add it to the updates, there are a couple of games out atm that just having the walls for would be a good idea.

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