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Saloon Printing Problems

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      I’m trying to print out the Saloon on my Monoprice Maker Select and I’m running into some problems. Since the build plate isn’t big enough to print each level, I’m forced to use the “Small Printer” files. I was able to print out the larger C and D parts for level one. (BTW, some of the window muntins and the handrail for the stairs are REALLY flimsy and broke off very easily. Also, I recommend some kind of peg system for each of the parts to aid in assembly) However when I try to print out parts A and B, the pillars always break down into a messy tangle of filament. Any suggestions on how to get around this? I’m printing in PLA at the recommend 0.2 mm at 210 C, 30% fill. No supports. Retraction is enabled.

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      I’d have a look at slowing downs your exterior wall speed. This tends to fix a lot of narrow column issues.

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