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Ruined Tribal Fort tusks

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      First off the ruined fort is AMAZING! So I’ve just bought my first 3d printer and prior to the fort I’ve just been printing cargo piles to get things set. The fort is my first big print and for the most part came out great. The issue I’ve got is the tusks are really fragile, a strong wind would snap them at the later line. Is this most like a temp setting?

      Creality CR-10S Pro
      .4 nozzle and hatchbox grey pla
      .2 layer height
      60 print speed
      200 nozzle temp
      60 bed temp
      2 walls
      10% cubic infill
      Printing with a brim

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      You can try a few things like increasing your wall thickness, slowing down speed when printing walls

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      Joanne Boorer

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      I had the same issue on an Ender-3 with the Tribal fort and found I had better results when I just slowed the print down. I don’t recall the exact speed but I think I lowered the overall Print Speed to 40-50mm/s. As mentioned above, that will lower wall speed to something like 25mm/s.

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      Looks like slowing down did the trick! I dropped the overall print speed to 40mm/s and everything looks to be working perfect, my surface quality went way up too. It really didn’t add much time to the print either, maybe a couple minutes on a one hour print. Also for anyone using the CR-10S Pro, flashing the tinymachines firmware is a must I found out. I was having fits getting the bed leveled and now the printer works just how I hoped it would. Thanks for the help!

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      Great to hear slowing down the print speed on walls solved the issue with this.

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      you have to change the shell thickness ,
      You can try 2mm (0.4 * 5 )

      And you can change the infill to 5%

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      I’ve found upping the shell thickness on the Enders and lowering the wall speed has really helped a lot.

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