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Removing Supports from Resin Prints

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      Randall Hand

      I’ve been printing lots of Openlock parts lately, some on my FDM (Monoprice Select Mini V2) and some on my SLA (Elegoo Mars). (See pics here: ).

      On the FDM prints, the built-in supports for the clips remove easily.. On SLA, it’s hard. The resin itself is pretty brittle, so they don’t come out easily. Frequently when removing them, I chip off larger parts that can render the part unusable (breaking off the actual clip parts).

      Anyone have any advice for removing supports? The only thing I’ve found so far is to use a small set of snips, do it before curing (so the part is a bit more flexible), and then just cross your fingers and hope you get lucky.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      I tend to use the snips when we print in resin here in the office rather than the needle nosed pliers. The needle nosed pliers are great for quickly detaching supports but as you say can tend to shatter areas that you wanted to remain normal. Out of curiosity do you hollow your wall prints?

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      Kevin Smoot


      I’m new to the site and just now saw your post. Out of curiosity, are you removing the supports before or after curing? If you haven’t already, try removing them before. The resin is still a little soft and should peel away easier and not take the detail with them

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